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Hi, Welcome on our website Sexomaat. We are Dutch moviemakers specialized in filming real sex adventures.

On our members website we show you our movies of all our sex reports. Professional models and amateurs share the erotic passion with you.  

Together with our partners, such as Dries Breyne Productions,we make our movies with always the same goal: making the film as horny as it in reality is. The sexual experience has to be real, like you are with us. 

For our productions we always looking for new models (F/M), especially Dutch and Flemish models and amateurs. Are you curious for what we are looking for, please take a look at our page ‘Models’.

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Fun, sex and respect, that is Sexomaat!

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Gangbang with Dutch Scarlett

real amateur gangbang

Five young guys have a horny and wet gangbang with the naughty Scarlett. They are filming it by themselves. As a reward Scarlett gets a five guy cum bath!

A foursome behind the highway

Under the bridge of the Highway nearby Antwerp (Belgium)

The weather becomes better and hotter. So, we have a very hot summer this year. A couple has sex in the open air. The horny Dries joins them. But is there another guy in the woods? He secretly watch the threesome and then…. Enjoy!

Sexy games with Kimberley and four guys

blind folded Kimberley in a kinky game

An exciting date follows with a kinky game with Kimberly and four friends. She is fucked by all the guys. She likes deep throathing and a lot of cum is spread all over her face and nice tits!

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